Our focus is the support and study of communication in the Metevaverse .

Our approach juxtaposes social cognition with innovation in shared XR.

The CEO, David Roberts, has more than 25 years of experience in undertaking, and usually leading, research in this field. We offer consultancy and R&D services, based on our published track record.

Social Cognition in XR

Understanding how people react to shared experience in mixed reality. Evoking, capturing and studying behavioral, psychopsysiological and neural responses. The promotion and study of trust, rapport and engagement.

XR Innovation

Development of innovative Mixed reality display, capture and mediums. Including: expressive avatars, 3D video based reconstruction, eye tracking immersive neuroimaging, and mixed reality spaces.

XR Health

VR therapy with a focus on the client and therapist being and working together within the simulation. Also, cognitive assessment of condition and treatment.