Our Approach

Our drive is to bring people together to improve life and the worlds we share, using shared reality technologies.

Our Story

Shared Realities is founded and directed by Professor David Roberts and brings together many of people he has worked closely with over the 25+ years of research into shared mixed reality and telepresence. These people range from VR coders and modellers to VR clinical leads and therapists.

Meet the Team

Founder & CEO

Professor David Roberts

David is a Professor of Telepresence at the University of Salford. David develops and studies the use of advanced shared reality and telepresence technologies which encourage natural interaction between people brought together by merging real and virtual places.


Dr Robin Wolff

VR expert with special focus on immersive environments, augmented reality, 3D user interfaces, human machine interaction, tele-immersion, distributed simulation.

15 + years experience in:
– programming, operation, installation and maintenance of immersive Virtual Reality equipment
– real-time graphics programming and distributed real-time simulation
– design, implementation and analysis of user studies
– scientific publication

Dr Alexander Landowska

Immersive neuroimaging

10 + years experience in combining nuoimaging with immersive virtual reality, using EEG, fMRI, and most often fNIRS, in mental and physical health.

Dr Tobias Duckworth

Software developer with experience in computer vision applied to immersive telepresence.

15+ years experience of coding based development, including c++, assembler, operating systems and embedded systems.

Godson Ahamba

Developer with experience in neuroscience, psychology and 3D modelling of virtual humans.

More to be confirmed shortly


We are currently working closely with:

Resilience Hub on VR therapy for Manchester Arena Victims

Brain and Spinal Injury Clinic on VR therapy for War Veterans